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Small grants for small organisations

Small charities and voluntary groups, usually run by volunteers, are the backbone of local communities – doing amazing things with little resource. 

75% of all registered charities have an income of £100,000 a year or less, yet between them attract just under 2.5% of all donations, grants and other income that comes into the charity sector. Charities with an income of £10,000 a year or less – 43% of the sector – receive less than 0.5% of the total amount of donations and grants that come into the sector.

These charities, along with the many thousands of unregistered voluntary and community groups that work alongside them, don’t need a lot of funding to keep doing what they do. Our intention is to make it simple for them to access small grants to cover anything from core running costs to new projects. Using tech provided by we will launch pilots in 2019, with the aim of making our grant making process 100% digitally powered, making it easy for organisations to pitch for funds, harness community support and showcase their achievements.

By using digital Doit.Foundation intends to make the distribution of small and micro grants more streamlined and cost effective and in doing so open up a whole new channel of funding to small organisations who are too often ignored by traditional funders. And by building a digital ecosystem of small organisations we can also help them to raise their profile and attract more support from donors and other funders. 

Our first small grant pilot is now closed but we will be running more in the autumn of 2019 – follow this link if you would like to register to take part.

Doit.Foundation is happy to work with companies and other funders who are interested in reaching small and micro organisations, please feel free to contact us. 

Granting ecosystem licenses is the UK’s leading purpose platform, providing access to positive experiences to help individuals learn more, do more and be more and providing first class tech to power civil society.

As’s charity foundation partner, we will receive a small number of ecosystem licenses that we will grant to charities and community groups that might otherwise be unable to afford them. If your organisation is looking for a tech solution to power a community of interest then we may be able to help. Our qualifying criteria is still being finalised but we will give priority to small organisations and/or those that are willing to work in partnership to support a community need.